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Winter Car Care

Bitter cold weather and record-low temperatures, the likes of which haven’t been seen for nearly 20 years, currently gripping much of the country.

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Water Pump Repair Guide For Cars and Trucks

Water Pumps are an essential part of the engine system for cars and trucks. Vehicle water pumps are part of the engine cooling system. Online advice for water pump repair.

Your vehicle’s water pump will be located in one of two places – on the outside of the block or under the timing belt cover. If the water pump is under the timing cover, the timing belt or chain turns it; and if it is on the outside of the block, a serpentine or V-belt turns the pump.

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About the Cooling System

The cooling system in your vehicle is not particularly complicated, despite its many components. Should any one of those components malfunction, the vehicle could overheat, causing internal engine damage. If you are aware of all of the components of the cooling system and know to check that they are working correctly, you can minimize the chances of overheating.

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