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Cold Weather Cooling System Protection

The weather in most parts of the country is bitterly cold right now, and much of the country is blanketed in a thin (or even not-so-thin) layer of ice and snow. Even areas that typically never see snow or ice are shut down due to severe winter storms.

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Flex Fans Versus Clutch Fans – Their Pros and Cons

Engine cooling fans are necessary to draw air through the radiator while the vehicle is moving at a slow speed or when at an idle. When the vehicle is moving at sufficient speed, air is being forced through the radiator at greater cubic feet per minute (CFM) than the fan is capable of, making the fan redundant.

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Water Pump and Timing Belt Replacement

Both the water pump and timing belt are important when it comes to engine maintenance. So, while you’re going through the difficulty of replacing the water pump, save some time and labor costs by replacing the timing belt at the same time.

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