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Water Pump Tech Tips

How Does an Electric Water Pump Function?

There are two general classes of water pumps: electric powered and belt powered. Electric water pumps utilize the vehicle’s electrical current to drive the water pump motor.

Check the Thermostat First

When a vehicle owner arrives reporting a problem with the engine overheating, the immediate assumption is a problem with the water pump.

Why Is a New Water Pump Not Cooling?

Before installing a new water pump, ensure that the pump does not have any manufacturing defects.

Common Size of Bolts Used for Attaching a Water Pump

Knowing the correct sizes of the nuts and bolts needed to attach the water pump can mean the difference between a 30-minute and a four-hour project.

The Importance of Refilling & Bleeding the Cooling System After Replacing a Thermostat

Performing work on the cooling system can be laborious; however, auto technicians must ensure the entire repair or replacement is completed fully.

Water Pump Tech Blogs

Evolution of the Automotive Radiator

From the time of the very first vehicles until the ’70s, radiators were made of a combination of brass and copper. No other material could compete with this combination in terms of heat dissipation, resistance to corrosion and ease of repair.

Consequences of Overheating

It is hard to disagree that one of the most destructive things a person can do to their vehicle is to allow the engine to overheat. Severe overheating can render the engine — and many of its component parts — completely useless, resulting in a large repair bill.

How Difficult Is Water Pump Replacement? Can Anyone Do It?

The location of the water pump in relation to the engine can vary by application. Whether you can replace it yourself depends on how much experience you have. The more complex the engine, the higher the level of difficulty for pump replacement. However, a person who...

Heater Malfunctioning May Not Be a Cooling System Problem

Vehicle AC and heating systems have many common parts, which work synchronously to produce warm or cool air for the driver and passengers. Unfortunately, a single malfunctioning part or improper installation can result in failure or decreased capacity of the heating and air conditioning systems. Many auto technicians identify the vehicle’s cooling system as the culprit; however, this may not always be the case.

Diagnosing Overheating Problems on Vehicles with Electric Fans

Engine overheating is a serious problem that can swiftly cause catastrophic damage to the engine. Engines, being a thermal device, are subject to contraction when cold and expansion as their temperature rise. Engineers have designed engines to operate at approximately...

Cold Weather Cooling System Protection

The weather in most parts of the country is bitterly cold right now, and much of the country is blanketed in a thin (or even not-so-thin) layer of ice and snow. Even areas that typically never see snow or ice are shut down due to severe winter storms.

Flex Fans Versus Clutch Fans – Their Pros and Cons

Engine cooling fans are necessary to draw air through the radiator while the vehicle is moving at a slow speed or when at an idle. When the vehicle is moving at sufficient speed, air is being forced through the radiator at greater cubic feet per minute (CFM) than the fan is capable of, making the fan redundant.

How to Check for Leaks in an Automotive Cooling System

Cooling system leaks can be internal or external in nature. Either one is cause for concern and immediate attention to head off any possibility of overheating or catastrophic engine failure.

Water Pump Replacement Guide for Cars and Trucks

Guide to water pump replacement for your car or truck with expert advise presented in a simple to understand manner.

Water Pump and Timing Belt Replacement

Both the water pump and timing belt are important when it comes to engine maintenance. So, while you’re going through the difficulty of replacing the water pump, save some time and labor costs by replacing the timing belt at the same time.

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