Water pumps are among the most important things that you need in your car on a daily basis. No matter how much coolant you need, you must have this equipment in the car to ensure that you have a regular supply of coolant to keep the engine’s temperature down. And because the water pump eases your task of ensuring that the engine functions properly, you have to ensure that it functions in a proper way – always. However, it’s not always possible. A water pump is a machine, and as any other machine does, it’s also expected to malfunction at times. The result: your car might stop functioning properly. To ensure that the malfunctioning is minimal, you need to act regularly. It’s important to maintain the water pump of your car properly. And it does not take a great deal of work.

You can follow a few steps to maintain the water pumps in your car on a regular basis.

Apply Anti-Corrosion Elements

Most of the car water pumps are made of metals. And as they’re primarily dealing with the process of drawing water from one place to another, the metals have to work in moist conditions. The result: rust develops on the metals and reduces the durability of the water pump. Besides, the friction of metal on metal that occurs when the water pump functions also cause damage to the pump.

If you’re looking to ensure that the water pump has a long life, you must apply anti-corrosion elements on those parts of the water pump, which are exposed to air and water. This is likely to reduce corrosion and rust significantly, thus increasing the shelf life of the product.

Keep the Pump’s Body Dry

For how long do you run the water pump at a stretch? Do you ever inspect the water pump after you’ve replaced it? It’s important to check the pump after changing it. You must find out whether there are signs of water dripping anywhere from the body of the pump. Besides, if there is any problem with leaking, there are sure to be a few wet patches on the surface of the water pump.

To maintain the water pump properly, you must maintain the proper mixture and level of engine coolant. You must use distilled water when topping off the cooling system to eliminate any contaminants that could be in tap water.

Perform Servicing Regularly

Do you perform proper servicing on the water pump on a regular basis? If your water pump has been providing consistent service without any problems. It’s advisable to use a coolant that is suggested by the manufacturer. It will help to keep the water pump in proper condition for a long time. Besides, it will also help to ensure that the water pump does not malfunction suddenly and leaves you in a state of bother.


Maintaining a water pump isn’t a difficult task. However, you need to perform the actions on a regular basis and keep it in proper shape all through. If you can maintain the water pump properly, it’s sure to last for a long time.


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