A car’s water pump undoubtedly plays a significant role as it helps the engine to run smoothly. But, it is often the most overlooked part. If you want to save your car’s engine from overheating and prevent engine damage, you have to take care of the water pump.

A water pump is powered by the car’s engine and circulates coolant through the radiator and the engine’s cooling system. It is the job of the pump to maintain the engine temperature within the acceptable range while the vehicle is running.

If your car’s water pump has started leaking or is making screeching sounds it is getting close to failing. Another sign that your pump is not working properly is when the engine temperature warning light is illuminated on the dashboard. But, before you replace the water pump, it is important to know the reason behind the failure. By avoiding certain activities, you can save your car’s pump from failure and extend its life.

Some of the things that you need to be careful about are:

Avoid dry run of the water pump

The coolant plays an important role to keep the engine cool. It also helps to form an efficient seal inside the water pump. When the pump operates, liquid can leak even from the small gap between the seals. Therefore, to avoid leakage it is important to form a fluid barrier with the coolant. Dry running the water pump can permanently damage it.

Regularly check the cooling components

You need to check the cooling components like the radiator, thermostat, coolant, and water pump of your car at regular intervals. Always maintain the correct level of engine coolant so that it keeps the engine cool and safe from damage.

Stop using improper coolant

Contaminated coolant, mixing coolant of different chemistries, or using coolant non-compatible to your vehicle can lead to premature damage to the water pump. Harmful contamination is a common cause behind water pump failures. Contaminants affect the seals and form pathways for leakage. Non-compatible coolant cannot protect the components from rust and corrosion and leads to damage to the parts.

Avoid defective belt

You cannot overlook the relationship between the water pump and the belt that drives the system. If the belt is worn out the pump will stop functioning. So, if you are changing the water pump replace the belt at the same time. It will minimize the risk of premature failure of both components.

A water pump if maintained properly lasts for the entire life of a car. So, take good care of the pump and extend the life of your engine as well.


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