If you own a car, it’s always a good thing to have an idea about different parts of the vehicle. Want to know why? If your car goes down at an unexpected time when you are on the road, you might have to take care of the issue on your own.

Have you ever had issues when your car was not starting properly? There might be various reasons behind that. And one of them can be engine overheating. However, that too can have multiple causes. If you’re looking for a common reason, you might have to look at whether the water pump of your car is functioning properly or not. The water pump can malfunction due to various reasons.

If you don’t want to face any issues with your car, you have to do proper maintenance of the water pump. Maintaining a water pump isn’t an easy task. There are various mistakes that might occur during its maintenance.

Here’s a quick look at some of the common mistakes that you might commit while maintaining the water pump of your car.

Not Using Anti-Corrosion Liquid

When you are driving your car, the car’s water pump is always bringing in water to keep the engine cool. The water pump is usually made of some type of metal usually aluminum or cast iron. Hence, when it comes in contact with water, it is always likely to develop rust. As a result, the lifetime of the water pump is going to reduce significantly.

There are ways to solve this problem. You can use anti-corrosive liquid to keep the rust away. However, if you’re not applying the anti-corrosive treatment to the water pump on a regular basis, the water pump of your vehicle may start malfunctioning after some time.

Not Mending the Leaks

Is your car not functioning properly? Is it because of the malfunction of the water pump? There can be a leakage in the pump’s internal body. If you’re looking to take the car out on the road and the coolant leaks out on the pump’s body, you might be in trouble. It is important for you to keep the leaks of your car’s water pump in check. You can seal the leaks or, if they are beyond repair, go for a replacement.

Letting Bubbles Form in the Coolant

Are you letting the bubbles form in the coolant of your car?

It’s a mistake that you must not commit while maintaining the water pump of your car. If you let the bubbles form in the coolant inlet of the pump, the bubbles implode with pressure. It is harmful to the water pump of your car and can cause the water pump to stop functioning.


Just as with any other major component of your car, the water pump also plays an important role in the smooth functioning of the car. The water pump is responsible for reducing the temperature of the engine when it is functioning.  If the water pump malfunctions, the engine is going to get overheated.  An overheated engine does not help you have a smooth drive in your car; it may most likely lead to your car’s engine failing. Hence, it’s extremely important to maintain your car’s water pump properly.


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